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3270 Jackson Rd,

Mooresville, NC 28115


 DCE and Kingfisher Park Equestrian (KFP) use top quality products for both horse and rider.  Product sponsorship is a great way to expose your product to the equestrian world.  DCE and KFP offer many forms of advertisement for your product. 

  • Sponsorship with DCE and KFP includes:
  • Logo on the KFP 6 horse trailer that can be seen at many events and on highways around the country on a regular basis​Logo will appear on both the DCE and KFP websites
  • Logo will appear on saddle pads, shirts, jackets and hats worn by Dana and DCE/KFP team members
  • A banner will be hung on stalls at competitions
  • Your product will be promoted on Facebook and Instagram
  • Product promotion customized to fit your needs

Contact Dana today​ if you are interested in sponsoring a successful team.


If you are interested in any of the products used by DCE and KFP contact Dana or visit their store website directly.  


Sagmae provides top quality equipment for you and your horse.  They currently stock Butet and Erreplus saddles, Lorenzini equipment and D’yon bridles, accessories and half chaps.



No matter what your equestrian needs are, Paradise Farm and Tack has it!  They have full range of clothing, tack, equipment, grooming products, supplements and so much more.  Visit their Mooresville, NC location or their website to fulfill your needs.



HKM is a German based company with beautiful, durable and comfortable apparel and horseware.  HKM apparel and horseware can be found at Paradise Farm and Tack.



Cavalor Feed is the best feed, with the lowest molasses content on the market today!  Dana’s horses thrive on Cavalor feed, while just eating a portion of what they used to eat of other feeds.  Make your horse a happy, healthy horse and switch to Cavalor today!



Put your safety first and get yourself a Hit Air Vest from Hit Air Equestrian​.  My Hit Air Vest saved my entire upper body from any damages when a horse fell on me cross country.  I will not leave the start box without it!



Want to be a part of team DCE?  Whether you are interested in full ownership of a horse or to be a part of a more affordable syndicate you are a key part to DCE.  Dana is currently looking for a new prospect to bring up the levels.  If you have any interest in joining DCE as an owner or syndicate member contact Dana today​!


Kingfisher Park Equestrian

Kingfisher Park Equestrian​ is an integral part of DCE.  KFP not only owns several of Dana’s horses, but they have built a world class facility for Dana to train and teach out of in NC.  We are so grateful to have the support from KFP